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100 Blog Posts - #32 -- 2013 Nano Excerpt

“I’d never heard of this Magic Suppression Agency. And if they’re just suppressing magic in the Middle East, why would they track her all the way here? And why do Cassie and I feel like something really bad is happening?”

“I’ll tell you why,” said Ellison, his voice tinged with anger. “They aren’t out to suppress magic, and they aren’t at all associated with any government. They’re a group of opportunists who use finders to track down magic they want or need and hold them so absorbers can take and focus that magic to increase their own power.”

I remembered with a sudden fury an absorber who, several years ago, had tried to steal the magic from our son Matthew and the spark that dwelt in Cody. It had been a very long time since I had truly lost my temper, that powder keg long tamped down but apparently not gone entirely. For a second I simply saw red, until I felt Cody’s hand squeezing mine tightly.

“Absorbers. I’ve never met one before,” said Bob, musing the information.

“Be glad. I have,” said Ellison. “Years ago. I thought they were gone completely underground. That they’re out doing this means they’ve gotten strong again. I wonder who of my friends they have under their thumbs.” He looked plenty furious, too. “They’ll keep those children alive, at least,” he said, his gaze turning to Cody. “But I’m willing to bet real money that’s why I can’t find Zach. They undoubtedly have a great deal of power keeping themselves shielded.”

“So how do we find him?” Cody mourned, her face turning pale.

“How about the old-fashioned, normal human-Darren-muggle kind of way?” I said, suddenly angry at the magickal world, which proved so useless when it came to finding my son.
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